Italian visual vocabulary



Most of us prefer to learn visually.

We have organized our Italian visual vocabulary into 20 families of related words.


  • children’s and infants’ clothing and accessories
  • men’s clothing and accessories
  • women’s clothing and accessories
  • the world of fashion
  • colors

Countries, nationalities and languages

  • country names, nationalities and languages in Asia
  • country names, nationalities and languages in Europe
  • country names, nationalities and languages in North and Central America and the Caribbean
  • country names, nationalities and languages in Latin America
  • country names, nationalities and languages in Africa
  • country names, nationalities and languages in the Middle East
  • country names, nationalities and languages in Oceania


  • cathedrals, monasteries, basilicas and churches
  • christian art
  • some famous bridges and tunnels
  • some famous buildings
  • some famous bookstores and libraries
  • some famous centers for performing arts
  • some famous museums and art galleries
  • some famous statues, sculptures and memorials
  • some places of worship
  • the stained-glass windows


  • universities and colleges

Food and drink; eating out

  • alcoholic drinks
  • berries
  • bread and grains
  • condiments and spices
  • dairy products
  • ethnic and regional cuisines
  • fish and seafood dishes
  • fruits
  • meals and snacks
  • meats
  • nonalcoholic drinks
  • nuts
  • pastries and desserts
  • poultry dishes
  • salads
  • vegetables


  • beaches
  • Some famous landscapes in Italy

Healthcare and Emergencies

  • healthcare venues and professionals
  • first responders and emergency services

Home (rooms, furniture, appliances, grounds)

  • types of residential accommodation
  • rooms and furniture
  • appliances
  • kitchenware
  • entertainment and communication devices
  • dinnerware and cutlery
  • gardening tools and equipment
  • work tools, equipment and spare parts


  • Names of some famous Italians

Numbers, time, dates and addresses

  • cardinal numbers from one to ten
  • cardinal and ordinal numbers from 1 to 100
  • telling time
  • some famous dates
  • some famous addresses


  • parts of the body
  • feelings and emotions
  • family members and relationships
  • key life events
  • leisure time activities and routines


  • shopping
  • December decorations


  • sports
  • summer sports
  • winter sports

Tourism and hospitality

  • types of jobs in tourism and hospitality
  • types of vacation accommodation
  • at the hotel
  • at the restaurant
  • some famous parks and gardens
  • Top attractions


  • types of transport
  • types of vehicles
  • at the airport
  • on the flight
  • arrivals, immigration and customs

Weather, seasons, natural disasters

  • talking about the weather
  • the seasons
  • natural disasters

Wildlife, birds, farm animals, marine life, pets

  • wildlife
  • birds and insects
  • farm animals
  • marine life
  • pets

Workplace and economy

  • banks and currencies
  • types of jobs