The Adoration of the ShepherdsThe Adoration of the ChildThe Journey of the MagiThe flight into EgyptJesus tempted in the wildernessThe Baptism of ChristThe Calling of the ApostlesThe Calling of the ApostlesThe Wedding at CanaJesus handing the keys to PeterThe Miracle of the Bread and FishJesus talking with Nicodemus at nightThe Miraculous Draught of FishesChrist and the woman of Samaria at the wellThe Storm on the Sea of GalileeZacchaeus in the Sycamore tree awaiting the passage of JesusThe TransfigurationThe Last SupperThe Agony in the GardenThe Denial of St. PeterThe Taking of ChristThe Mocking of ChristJesus at Herod's courtEcce homo (Behold the Man)The CrucifixionThe appearance of Jesus Christ to Mary MagdaleneThe ResurrectionThe Supper at EmmausChrist's Charge to Peter