The final days in Jerusalem



The Agony in the Garden (Giovanni Bellini, 1430-1516)

Overview of Readings

Each reading has the following components:

  • Scriptural reading (s)
  • New Vocabulary
  • Key phrases
  • Grammar Tips


Reading 1: Triumphant Entry into Jerusalem

Reading 2: Cleansing of the Temple

Reading 3: The Tribute Money

Reading 4: Jesus Anointed in Bethany

Reading 5: Judas Betrays Jesus

Reading 6: The Last Supper

Reading 7: The Agony in the Garden

Reading 8: The Arrest of Jesus

Reading 9: The Denials of Peter

Reading 10: Jesus Before Caiaphas

Reading 11: Christ Before Herod

Reading 12: Pilate Sentences Jesus/Ecce Homo

Reading 13: The Way of the Cross

Reading 14: The Crucifixion of Christ

Reading 15: The Burial of Jesus