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  • bed (noun): a piece of furniture used for resting or sleeping.
  • bedroom (noun): a room used primarily for sleeping.
  • blanket (noun): a piece of woven material used as a covering for warmth on a bed.
  • bookcase (noun): a piece of furniture with shelves for holding books.
  • cabinet (noun): a piece of furniture with shelves, compartments or drawers used to store objects.
  • chair (noun): a piece of furniture for a person to sit on.  It usually has four legs and a back.
  • clock (noun): an instrument, other than a watch, for measuring or indicating time.
  • curtain (noun): a  piece of fabric that hangs in a window or open space to shut out light or to serve as a divider.
  • desk (noun): a piece of furniture with a flat surface used for reading, writing or using a computer.
  • doll (noun): a toy resembling a baby, child or other person.
  • globe (noun): a round ball with a map of the earth on it .
  • mat (noun): a flat piece of coarse fabric used as a floor covering or for wiping one’s shoes or feet.
  • pillow (noun): a cloth case stuffed with something soft such as down or feathers. Used for resting the head on while sleeping.
  • stuffed animal (noun): a cuddly toy in the shaped of an animal that is filled with soft material.



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