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In the famous Piazza San Marco, Venice you will find Caffè Florian, the oldest coffee shop in the world–dating back to 1720.

Marco Polo Mosaic_from Palazzo Tursi Salviati WC



Nearby, you can visualize our Caffè Marco Polo and retrace the footsteps of Marco Polo (1245-1324) , the Venetian merchant explorer who traveled to China where he stayed in the court of the Emperor Kublai Khan..

Here in our ‘virtual cafe’ you will  discover fascinating aspects about the cultures along the Silk Road as well as the top tourist attractions in the region.

With Marco Polo as your teacher, you will learn some basic Italian conversational skills for tourists.







Are you planning to visit Italy?

Here in our Caffè Marco Polo, you will learn 200 key phrases and 1,000 of the most common words in Italian.  Try our 50 free online lessons.



  • The alphabet
  • Greetings and farewells
  • Introductions
  • Small talk. Talking about the weather


Talking about yourself and your family and friends

  • Talking about your family and friends
  • Talking about your studies
  • Talking about your work
  • Talking about time
  • Talking about your routines
  • Talking about your favorite landscapes


Learning about Italy

  • Learning about the regions of Italy
  • Learning about Italian festivals and celebrations
  • Learning about Italian wines, liqueurs and beers
  • Learning about Italian architecture
  • Learning about Italian art
  • Learning about Italian literature
  • Learning about Italian music
  • Learning about sports in Italy


Using the Italian transportation system

  • Busiest airports in Italy
  • At the airport
  • Taking the train
  • Italian cities with a rapid transit system
  • Taking inter-city buses
  • River, port and canal boat cruises
  • Taking a taxi
  • Asking for directions


Communications in Italy

  • the Italian postal system
  • At the post office
  • Having a telephone conversation in Italian
  • Writing emails in Italian


Using the Italian banking system

  • At the bank


Top-rated accommodation and dining in Italy

  • Famous hotels in Italy: the Michelin guide
  • At the hotel
  • Famous restaurants in Italy: the Michelin guide
  • At the restaurant
  • the Italian caffè


Top tourist attractions in Italy

  • Types of tourism in Italy
  • Top attractions in Venice, Rome and Florence
  • Top attractions in other regions of Italy
  • UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Italy


Discovering Venice, Rome and Florence

  • Using local transport
  • Taking a sight-seeing tours: famous landmarks
  • Going shopping
  • Visiting a museum/art gallery
  • Attending a musical performance
  • Attending a sports event


Getting healthcare in Italy

  • at a medical clinic
  • at the dentist
  • at the pharmacy
  • dealing with emergencies



(Credit: SY, CCA 4.0)
(Credit: SY, CCA 4.0)