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Welcome to Café Panda
Café Panda is our virtual resource center where students young and old along with their educational institutions can collaborate, create and share complementary study materials for language learning, environmental education and sustainable tourism. Become part of the solution in raising environmental awareness abut the challenges of climate change and the steps we can take today to ensure a better future for our children and grandchildren. Café Panda serves as a knowledge network for strengthening institutional partnerships for collaborative learning. Participate in our social media presence on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. In Café Panda, you will learn more about the work of our valuable educational and corporate partners. Special upcoming language events including conferences will be highlighted. You will also get additional reading practice with our short articles to increase your vocabulary and comprehension on a wide variety of cultural topics in our “Let’s talk about …” series. In our Language support posts, we provide you with additional practice in:
  • grammar tips using culturally relevant examples;
  • theme-related vocabulary;
  • topical issues related to sustainable tourism, environmental education and solutions to the problems associated with climate change;
  • preparation for language proficiency tests.
Pandas at the Chengdu Sichuan Research Base (Chensiyuan, Wikimedia 4.0)