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Palace of Westminster, London, England (David Iliff, CCA 2.5)
Palace of Westminster, London, England (David Iliff, CCA 2.5)







Our Basic English course consists of 70 free online lessons (35 at the Beginner Level and 35 at the Elementary Level).

We use the Pearson Global Scale of English/GSE to set the learning objectives and related grammar for each lesson in this Beginner A1 level course  (GSE range of 10-29) and  in the Elementary A2 level (GSE range of 30-42) of the Common European Framework of Reference/CEFR for languages.












Each lesson is organized as follows:

  • Lesson Objectives
  • Reading Exercise
  • Grammar Tips
  • Building Blocks
  • Key Sentences
  • Practice
  • Visual Vocabulary
  • New Vocabulary Definitions
  • Listening & Pronunciation Practice
  • Watch a Video
  • Review
  • Vocabulary Quiz
  • Crossword Puzzle
  • Links to More Learning Resources








Traveling Abroad and learning about English-speaking countries

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  • Lesson 36: Banks and financial services
  • Lesson 37: Famous buildings, landmarks, and monuments
  • Lesson 38: City tours
  • Lesson 39: The economy
  • Lesson 40: Energy sources and energy conservation
  • Lesson 41: The environment and climate change
  • Lesson 42: Fashion
  • Lesson 43: Geography and landscapes
  • Lesson 44: Different types of government
  • Lesson 45: Key periods in history
  • Lesson 46: Literature, libraries, and bookstores
  • Lesson 47: The media
  • Lesson 48: The military
  • Lesson 49: Movies and TV series
  • Lesson 50: Famous museums and art galleries
  • Lesson 51: Music
  • Lesson 52: Famous parks
  • Lesson 53: The performing arts (theater, ballet, opera)
  • Lesson 54: Planetariums and learning about the universe, our solar system, and space programs
  • Lesson 55: The post-office and courier delivery services for mail and parcels
  • Lesson 56: Religions
  • Lesson 57: Science and technology parks
  • Lesson 58: Shopping
  • Lesson 59: Top tourist attractions and UNESCO World Heritage Sites
  • Lesson 60: Zoos, aquariums, and nature parks

Studying/working abroad and settling in

  • Lesson 61: Applying to universities and colleges. Getting a visa
  • Lesson 62: Writing an abstract or summary of a research article
  • Lesson 63: Making presentations in the office or at a conference
  • Lesson 64: Preparing your CV and a cover letter
  • Lesson 65: Looking for employment
  • Lesson 66: Preparing for a job interview
  • Lesson 67: Renting an apartment
  • Lesson 68: Buying or leasing a car
  • Lesson 69: Buying a house, condo, or coop
  • Lesson 70: Preparing for citizenship

Following the Basic and Elementary courses, you will have the opportunity to continue with culturally-integrated lessons at the intermediate level that will be of particular interest for those planning to visit, study or immigrate to our five key English-speaking countries (Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand) .

These occupational English lessons cover: the Pearson GSE range of 43 to 58  (equivalent to the Intermediate B1 Level of the CEFR); and the Pearson GSE range of 59 to 75 (equivalent to the Upper Intermediate B2 Level in the CEFR).